Business Services

GTUSD Business Services

The business department assists the collaborative efforts of stakeholders to provide engaging educational opportunities for our students.  The department provides fiscal administration, operational support, risk management, and personnel resources.  We value the responsibility of coordinating innovative programs with highly qualified teaching staff and advancing technology.  We endeavor to develop efficiencies and best practices to realize the greatest value from taxpayer dollars and local contributions.  It is our desire to provide reliable and accessible information and to remain a responsible community partner.  The business office is supported by:

Aidan Harte, Business Officer;

Terri Orio, Administrative Assistant

Michele Wagstrom, Financial Business Technician.

December 14th 2017, 2017/18 1st Interim Budget Report

Prop 30 Education Protection Act of 2012, revised 2016

A huge thanks for voters for approving Proposition 30 which adds temporary taxes and increases funding for education!  Click this link to view the Education Protection Account (EPA) plans:

17-18 Proposition 98 Proposed Expenditures

16-17 Proposition 98 Actual Expenditures

15-16 Proposition 98 Actual Expenditures

14-15 Proposition 98 Actual Expenditures

Budget Cycle of Reports

The "MYP" includes a letter to the board outlining recent developments and a general fund current period and multi-year summarized budget.  The Fund 01 is the detailed state required document for the General Fund.


Adopted Budget

1st Interim

2nd Interim

Unaudited Actuals


2014-15 MYP & FUND 01 MYP & FUND 01 MYP & FUND 01 MYP & FUND 01  X
2015-16 MYP & FUND 01 MYP & FUND 01 MYP & FUND 01 MYP & FUND 01


2016-17 MYP & FUND 01 MYP & FUND 01 MYP & FUND 01 MYP & FUND 01 Gold Train Union School District FINAL 11.14.17.pdf
2017-18 MYP & FUND 01 MYP & FUND 01 MYP & FUND 01 MYP & FUND 01 X

16-17 District Advisory Committee Meetings

10-18-16 DAC Meeting GT Library 2:45 AGENDA AND ATTACHMENTS

11-29-16 DAC Meeting SM Library 2:45 AGENDA AND ATTACHMENTS

01-17-17 DAC Meeting GT Library 2:45 AGENDA AND ATTACHMENTS

02-21-17 DAC Meeting GT Library 2:45 AGENDA AND ATTACHMENTS

03-28-17 DAC Meeting GT Library 2:45 AGENDA AND ATTACHMENTS

04-25-17 DAC Meeting SM Library 2:45 CANCELLED

05-16-17 DAC Meeting GT Library 3:15 AGENDA AND ATTACHMENTS

17-18 District Advisory Committee Meetings

09-21-17 DAC Meeting GT Library 3.00 AGENDA AND ATTACHMENTS

10-19-17 DAC Meeting GT Library 3:00 AGENDA AND ATTACHMENTS

11-30-17 DAC Meeting GT Library 3:00 AGENDA AND ATTACHMENTS

01-25-18 DAC Meeting GT Library 3:00 AGENDA AND ATTACHMENTS

Proposition 39 Clean Energy Savings

Budget Central

Budget Timeline


June 2017 FY 17/18 Budget/LCAP Hearing and Adoption - two separate board meetings
 August  08/16 First Day of School, check enrollment
Aug to June regular DAC meetings Current and future budget development discussions as needed
09/14/17  16/17 Unaudited Actuals, quantifies annual income, expenses and ending Reserves
12/14/17 17/18 1st Interim report, update projections and actuals thru 10/31
January 2018 Governor's Budget Proposal, update State budget and future projections and 16/17 audit report to the board.
03/?/18 17/18 2nd Interim report, update projections and actuals thru 01/31
03/15/18 Notice to staff for reduction in force if deemed necessary 
May 2018 Governor's May revise, update State budget projections.  Public Hearing for 17/18 LCAP and proposed budget
 06/?/18 17/18 3rd interim report if qualified at 2nd Interim, 17/18 Budget & LCAP adoption, 16/17 June update