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How can I help my child get ready for the CAASPP?

You are an important part of your child's education.  Some things you can do to help your child are:

►Talk about the test with your child.

►Make sure that your child knows that you and his/her teacher are both there to help, every step of the way.

►Take a practice test with your child.

►Make sure that your child gets a good night's sleep and a nutritious breakfast before testing.



Computer Adaptive State Testing


Spring Summative Assessments

The Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments are online tests that measure what your child knows and is able to do. The tests include many different types of questions that allow students to interact with the test questions. Results help identify gaps in knowledge or skills early on so your child can get the support he or she needs to be successful in school.

Each spring, students in grades three through eight and high school participate in the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).

This year, your child will take the following test(s), depending on his or her grade level:

  • Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment in English language arts/literacy (grades three through eight and grade eleven)
  • Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment in mathematics (grades three through eight and grade eleven)
  • California is in the process of implementing the California Next Generation Science Standards. As part of that implementation, students in grades five, eight and high school will try out a new test called the California Science Test, or CAST.

(Pursuant to California Education Code Section 60615, parents/guardians may annually submit to the school a written request to excuse their child from any or all of the CAASPP assessments.)

Additional Resources

To learn more about either the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment or the California Science Test (CAST), go to the California Department of Education Parent Guides to Understanding Web page at

Students can start practicing at home for the upcoming Spring 2018 Statewide Testing.  Simply go to the link below, sign in as a guest, and select your child's grade level.  Students will start practicing at school soon, but parents can now log on with their child at home to get them used to the online format.You can look at sample test questions on the practice tests, which can be found on the CAASPP Web Portal at

The Smarter Balanced Assessment System

The Smarter Balanced assessment system utilizes computer-adaptive tests and performance tasks that allow students to show what they know and are able to do. This system is based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics. The Smarter Balanced assessment system has three components designed to support teaching and learning throughout the year: the summative assessments, the interim assessments, and the Digital Library of formative assessment tools.

These Results are just one measure

You receive information about how your child is doing in school through grades on tests and classroom assignments, as well as by talking with your child’s teacher. The new test results will give you another piece of information about how well your child is learning what is expected for his or her grade and how well your child is doing compared to other students in the same grade. The test results, combined with all the other information you have about your child, give you a good sense of where your child is doing well and where he or she might benefit from some extra help. And, most importantly this information will give insight into your child’s readiness for college and career early enough to address any areas where he or she might need extra support.

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